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Carolina Ayala Aguilar


Carolina is a Mexican artist and designer. She has a background in architecture, innovation, and product design. During her master's degree in lighting design in Stockholm, she focused on using the rendering of light in watercolor to tell stories of forced migration cases traveling from Syria to Sweden. This led her to realize the power of art to make essential themes visible; therefore, she decided to provide further weight to art in her profession. After some years of working as an architect in Germany, she returned to Mexico. The pandemic allowed her to confirm that expressing herself on canvas was her priority.

Carolina blends the worlds of interior design and art in her paintings, where she designs scenery that transports the viewer to a world beyond their imagination and serves as a meeting point for beings from the world of dreams. Likewise, the Mexican heritage of the relationship of the living with those that have already transcended influences her work. In addition, her training as a classical dancer enables her to use movement and music as constant elements in her compositions.

She has participated in watercolor art workshops with Agustín González and a permanent acrylic painting workshop with the premier Mexican artist Ariel Guzmán. In addition to exploring the link between light and emotions, she wants to continue highlighting other realities and worlds to travel with the mind. Carolina has exhibited her work in solo and collective shows in Merida, Madrid, and Monaco. She is represented by art galleries in Spain and Mexico.


Carolina Ayala Aguilar
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