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About Me

Carolina Ayala Aguilar


Artist and designer based in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.
Carolina Ayala has a background in architecture and industrial design.
While pursuing a degree in architecture and during an exchange program in Chile, she developed an interest in architectural lighting design. Therefore, years later, she centered her master's degree in product innovation from Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico on product lighting, environmental psychology, and emotions.
After some years of professional activity, she traveled to Sweden to pursue a Master's Degree at the Royal Institute of Technology. In Stockholm, she focused her master thesis on using the graphical representation of light to narrate unheard stories of forced migration cases traveling from Syria to Sweden. She worked with light as a storyteller to explore human emotions, which is now part of her activity as an artist.
After some years of studying in Sweden and working in Germany, she opted to return to Mexico and focus mainly on art, filling the canvas with her collected experience from traveling abroad. Carolina integrates her passion for interior design in her paintings, where she unfolds stories using everyday objects and spaces combined with those of the world of dreams. In addition, her training as a classical dancer allows her to use movement and rhythm as constant elements in her compositions.
She has participated in watercolor art workshops with the artist Agustín González and a permanent acrylic painting workshop in Dos Mundos Gallery with the premier Mexican artist Ariel Guzmán. Apart from exploring the link between light and emotions, Carolina aspires to keep bringing the spotlight to migration stories to hopefully raise conscience, tolerance, and understanding of human movement.


Carolina Ayala Aguilar
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